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Infinix Smart 4

Infinix Smart 4 Price In Nigeria 2024

The Nigerian smartphone market is witnessing a surge in demand for budget-friendly smartphones that offer impressive features and functionality without breaking the bank.

, a well-known brand in the region, has been catering to this demand with its diverse lineup of smartphones. Among them, the Smart 4 stands out as an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yet capable device.


Infinix Smart 4 Overview

The Smart 4 is a budget smartphone that has gained popularity among Nigerian consumers due to its attractive design, decent performance, and affordability.

It’s part of the Smart series from , which is known for offering feature-packed devices at competitive prices.

Specification Description
Display 6.6-inch IPS LCD
Resolution 720 x 1600 pixels (267 ppi)
Processor Unisoc SC9863A
Storage 32GB/64GB/128GB (expandable via microSD card up to 512GB)
Rear Camera 13MP (2GB/3GB) or 50MP (4GB) with LED flash
Front Camera 8MP
Battery 5000mAh
Operating System Android 11 (Go Edition)
Connectivity 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
Sensors Fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor


Under the hood, the Smart 4 boasts a quad-core processor paired with a sufficient amount of RAM to handle everyday tasks smoothly.

It comes with ample onboard storage, ensuring you have enough space for your apps, photos, and videos. Additionally, the smartphone runs on the latest version of Android, offering a user-friendly and familiar interface.


Display and Design

The Infinix Smart 4 features a vibrant and sizeable display, perfect for enjoying videos, browsing, and gaming. Its slim profile and ergonomic design make it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods.



The smartphone’s performance is commendable, handling day-to-day tasks with ease. From browsing the web to using social media apps, the Infinix Smart 4 delivers a satisfactory experience. However, it might face some limitations when running resource-intensive apps or games.


Camera Features

The Infinix Smart 4 comes with a capable camera setup, including a primary rear camera and a front-facing camera for selfies. While it won’t match the quality of high-end smartphones, it performs well in well-lit conditions, capturing clear and vibrant images.


Battery Life

With its substantial battery capacity, the Infinix Smart 4 offers excellent battery life, ensuring you stay connected throughout the day without needing frequent recharges.


User Interface and Software

The user interface of the Infinix Smart 4 is clean and intuitive, offering a seamless user experience. Infinix regularly provides software updates, ensuring the smartphone remains up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.


Connectivity Options

The Infinix Smart 4 supports various connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G support, allowing you to stay connected and access the internet at high speeds.


Storage and Expandability

With ample internal storage, the Infinix Smart 4 provides space for your files and apps. If you require more storage, the smartphone offers the option to expand it further using a microSD card.


Infinix Smart 4 Price In Nigeria

The Infinix Smart 4, a budget-friendly smartphone, has garnered attention in the Nigerian market with its enticing features and an affordable price tag of ₦35,000. This device, tailored to cater to the needs of budget-conscious consumers, offers a seamless blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Boasting a large display, the Smart 4 provides users with an immersive visual experience, making it suitable for various multimedia activities. The device also comes equipped with a decent camera setup, enabling users to capture moments with clarity.

Furthermore, the Infinix Smart 4 runs on a capable processor, ensuring smooth performance for everyday tasks. Its long-lasting battery life adds to the appeal, making it a reliable companion for individuals on the go.

In a market saturated with options, the Infinix Smart 4 stands out as an attractive choice for those seeking an affordable yet feature-packed smartphone in Nigeria.



Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews of the Infinix Smart 4 have been mostly positive, with praise for its budget-friendly price, long-lasting battery, and overall performance. Some users have pointed out minor issues with app compatibility and camera performance in low-light conditions.


Pros and Cons

In summary, the Infinix Smart 4 offers several advantages, such as a budget-friendly price, good battery life, and a user-friendly interface. However, it may have limitations with running resource-intensive apps and might not provide flagship-level camera performance.



The Infinix Smart 4 emerges as a compelling choice in the Nigerian smartphone market, offering a harmonious blend of affordability and functionality. Priced at ₦35,000, this device caters to budget-conscious consumers without compromising on essential features.

The competitive pricing makes the Infinix Smart 4 an attractive option for individuals seeking a reliable smartphone experience without breaking the bank.

With its sleek design, ample display, and commendable performance capabilities, the Smart 4 stands out as a testament to Infinix’s commitment to delivering value to its users.

In the dynamic landscape of mobile technology, the Infinix Smart 4, at its accessible price point, sets a benchmark for budget-friendly smartphones in Nigeria, ensuring that users can enjoy modern features without sacrificing financial prudence.


Infinix Smart 4 – FAQs

Here are some freequently asked questions about the Infinix Smart 4:

Can the Infinix Smart 4 handle multitasking efficiently?

While the Infinix Smart 4 handles regular multitasking well, it may face some limitations with heavier apps or multiple resource-intensive tasks simultaneously.


Does the Infinix Smart 4 support fast charging?

Unfortunately, the Infinix Smart 4 does not support fast charging, but its substantial battery capacity compensates for this.


What is the quality of the Infinix Smart 4’s front-facing camera?

The front-facing camera of the Infinix Smart 4 captures decent selfies, especially in well-lit conditions, ensuring clear and satisfactory results.


Can I play games smoothly on the Infinix Smart 4?

The Infinix Smart 4 is capable of handling casual games and some mid-range games without significant issues. However, for more graphically demanding games, you may experience occasional lags or reduced graphics quality.


Does the Infinix Smart 4 have a fingerprint sensor for security?

Yes, the Infinix Smart 4 is equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, providing a convenient and secure way to unlock the device and protect your data.


Is the Infinix Smart 4 suitable for photography enthusiasts?

While the Infinix Smart 4’s camera performs well for everyday photography, it may not satisfy the requirements of professional or photography enthusiasts seeking top-notch image quality.


Can the storage of the Infinix Smart 4 be expanded, and up to what capacity?

Yes, the Infinix Smart 4 supports expandable storage via a microSD card. You can expand the storage up to a certain capacity, depending on the maximum supported by the device, typically ranging from 32GB to 128GB.


Does the Infinix Smart 4 receive regular software updates?

Yes, Infinix is known for providing regular software updates for its smartphones, including the Smart 4, to ensure optimal performance, security, and access to the latest features.


What are the available color options for the Infinix Smart 4?

The Infinix Smart 4 is usually available in a variety of colors, including classic black, vibrant blue, and elegant gold, giving users the option to choose according to their preferences.


Is the Infinix Smart 4 suitable for heavy internet usage and video streaming?

Yes, the Infinix Smart 4’s 4G support and reliable connectivity options make it suitable for heavy internet usage, including video streaming and online content consumption.


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