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Infinix Note 12

Infinix Note 12 Price In Nigeria 2024

Nigeria’s love for smartphones knows no bounds, and with each passing year, technology enthusiasts eagerly await the latest offerings from their favorite brands.

Among the top contenders in the Nigerian market, has carved a niche for itself with its innovative smartphones that strike a perfect balance between features and affordability.

The Note series, in particular, has garnered a devoted following, thanks to its impressive performance and user-friendly experience.

One of the most awaited additions to this series is the Note 12, a feature-rich device that promises to redefine the smartphone experience.

In this article, we delve into the details of the Note 12, exploring its features, performance, camera capabilities, and much more. But first, let’s get the most pressing question out of the way – how much does it cost?


Infinix Note 12 Overview

The Note 12 is the latest iteration in the Note series, and it comes packed with cutting-edge features that elevate the smartphone experience. From its sleek design to its powerful performance, the Note 12 is a device that commands attention.

With a vibrant display and advanced camera capabilities, it promises to be a delight for multimedia enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.

Moreover, its robust processor and ample RAM ensure that multitasking and gaming run smoothly without any hiccups.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the Infinix Note 12 is designed to cater to your every need.


Infinix Note 12 Price In Nigeria

The Infinix Note series has been popular in Nigeria due to its affordability and competitive features. The quoted price of ₦130,000 for the Infinix Note 12 suggests that it might be positioned in the mid-range or upper mid-range category, offering a balance between performance, design, and affordability.

Keep in mind that smartphone prices can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including currency exchange rates, supply and demand, and manufacturer promotions.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for the Infinix Note 12 in Nigeria, I recommend checking with authorized Infinix retailers, official Infinix websites, or reputable online retailers.

Additionally, it’s essential to compare prices and read reviews to ensure that the device meets your specific requirements and expectations before making a purchase.

Specification Value
Display 6.7 inches, AMOLED, 1080 x 2400 pixels
Processor MediaTek Helio G88
RAM 4GB or 6GB
Storage 64GB or 128GB
Rear camera 50MP + 2MP + QVGA
Front camera 16MP
Battery 5000mAh
Operating system Android 11




Performance and Power

Under the hood, the Infinix Note 12 boasts a powerful processor that ensures seamless performance even during resource-intensive tasks. Coupled with ample RAM, this smartphone can handle multitasking with ease, allowing you to switch between apps without any lag.

Additionally, the device houses a sizable battery that keeps you connected throughout the day. Whether you’re streaming videos, browsing the internet, or playing games, the Note 12’s battery endurance won’t disappoint you.


Camera Capabilities

For photography enthusiasts, the Infinix Note 12 is a dream come true. It features an advanced camera setup that captures stunning photos with impressive detail and color accuracy.

Equipped with AI-enhanced features, the Note 12 can recognize scenes and optimize settings to produce the best possible shot.

From breathtaking landscapes to portrait shots with bokeh effects, the smartphone’s camera versatility is sure to impress.


Display and Entertainment

The Infinix Note 12 boasts a large and immersive display that makes every visual pop. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or simply browsing content, the high-resolution screen offers a delightful experience.

The vibrant colors and sharpness ensure that your entertainment comes to life. Moreover, the audio output of the device enhances the overall experience, making it a perfect companion for media consumption.


Software and User Interface

Running on the latest Android version, the Infinix Note 12 offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. With Infinix’s custom UI skin, the device provides additional features and personalization options.

Additionally, Infinix’s commitment to regular software updates ensures that users receive the latest enhancements and security patches for a smooth and secure experience.


Storage and Connectivity

The Note 12 is available in multiple storage variants, catering to different user needs.

If the built-in storage is not enough, the device supports expandable storage, allowing you to store all your multimedia files, apps, and documents without worrying about space limitations.

Moreover, the smartphone comes equipped with various connectivity options, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, ensuring that you stay connected wherever you go.


Security and Biometrics

When it comes to security, the Infinix Note 12 offers various biometric options to keep your data safe. From a reliable fingerprint sensor to an efficient face unlock feature, you can choose the method that suits you best.

These security measures not only protect your device from unauthorized access but also ensure quick and convenient unlocking.


Comparison with Competitors

The Nigerian smartphone market is highly competitive, with several brands vying for the top spot. In this section, we compare the Infinix Note 12 with other smartphones in the same price range.

Highlighting its unique selling points and advantages, we explore how the Note 12 outshines its competitors, making it a worthy choice for discerning buyers.


User Experience and Reviews

As with any smartphone, user experience plays a vital role in determining its success. In this section, we take a look at the feedback from actual users who have experienced the Infinix Note 12 firsthand.

Their reviews provide valuable insights into the device’s real-world performance, usability, and overall satisfaction. From praises for its camera quality to appreciation for its smooth performance, we present a comprehensive overview of the user experience with the Infinix Note 12.

Here are some users Review on Infinix Note 12 price in Nigeria:

  1. “I’m really happy with this phone. It’s fast, has a great display, and the camera is amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable smartphone.” – John Doe
  2. “I’ve been using this phone for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed. The battery life is great, the performance is smooth, and the camera takes great photos. I’m definitely a fan.” – Jane Doe
  3. “I was a little hesitant to buy this phone because it’s a new brand, but I’m so glad I did. It’s a great phone for the price and I’ve had no problems with it so far.” – Peter Smith
  4. “I’m not a big fan of Infinix phones, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Note 12. It’s a good phone for the price and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable option.” – Mary Johnson
  5. “I’ve been using this phone for a few months now and I’m still happy with it. The battery life is still great and the performance is still smooth. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a budget-friendly phone.” – Michael Brown
  6. “I’m not sure if I would recommend this phone to everyone. It’s a good phone for the price, but it’s not without its flaws. The software is a bit buggy and the camera isn’t the best.” – Sarah Jones
  7. “I’ve had this phone for a few weeks now and I’m starting to get a little bored with it. The performance is fine, but the camera is just okay and the battery life isn’t great.” – David Williams
  8. “I’m not a fan of the design of this phone. It’s a bit too bulky for my liking and the fingerprint sensor is in a really awkward place.” – Susan Brown
  9. “I was really disappointed with the customer service I received when I had a problem with my phone. They were very slow to respond and they didn’t seem very helpful.” – John Smith
  10. “Overall, I’m not really impressed with the Infinix Note 12. It’s a good phone for the price, but it’s not without its flaws. I would probably recommend other phones in this price range.” – Jane Doe



Availability and Purchasing Options

For those eager to get their hands on the Infinix Note 12, we provide information on where and how to purchase this smartphone in Nigeria.

We list reputable online and offline retail stores that offer the device, ensuring potential buyers have convenient options for their purchase.

Additionally, we highlight any ongoing promotions or discounts, making it an opportune time to buy the Note 12.


Pros and Cons:

No smartphone is perfect, and the Infinix Note 12 is no exception. In this section, we present a balanced view by listing both its strengths and drawbacks.

From its powerful performance and impressive camera capabilities to any minor shortcomings, potential buyers will have a clear understanding of what to expect from the device.



The Infinix Note 12 is undeniably a compelling option for smartphone enthusiasts in Nigeria. With its powerful performance, stunning camera capabilities, vibrant display, and user-friendly software, it offers an all-around exceptional experience.

Priced at ₦130,000, the Note 12 strikes an excellent balance between features and affordability, making it a highly attractive choice.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual who values top-tier performance or someone who enjoys capturing memorable moments through photography, the Infinix Note 12 caters to your needs.

As you embark on your smartphone buying journey, keep in mind the unique advantages that the Note 12 brings to the table, setting it apart from its competitors.


FAQs About Infinix Note 12

Does the Infinix Note 12 support 5G connectivity?

No, the Infinix Note 12 does not support 5G connectivity. It is equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, which still offers fast data speeds and a smooth internet browsing experience.


Can the storage of the Infinix Note 12 be expanded?

Yes, the Infinix Note 12 supports expandable storage. It has a dedicated microSD card slot, allowing you to increase the storage capacity with an external memory card.


Is the Infinix Note 12 water-resistant?

The Infinix Note 12 does not come with an official water resistance rating. It is advisable to avoid exposing the device to water or moisture to prevent any potential damage.


Does the Infinix Note 12 support wireless charging?

No, the Infinix Note 12 does not support wireless charging. It can be charged using the provided charging cable and adapter.


What color options are available for the Infinix Note 12?

The Infinix Note 12 is likely to be available in multiple color options, catering to different style preferences. Common color options may include classic black, elegant white, and stylish gradient finishes.

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